Gościnna Chata Wysowa Zdrój


In Wysowa Zdrój, we opened the first Lemko Regional Tavern in Poland under the name "Gościnna Chata".

Who are we

We created the regional inn "Gościnna Chata" which serves Lemko dishes.

We are trying to maintain the flavors of ancient dishes which graced the tables of many local huts. With full commitment and passion for cooking we promote the cuisine of the region using the best local products from Malopolska as well as those that we manufacture in our inn.

All dishes are prepared with natural herbs and spices, and contain no preservatives.

Our cuisine

We invite you to try traditional Polish dishes and regional Lemko cuisine - with the aid of flavors and aromas as well as the unique atmosphere of our premises we will endeavour to recreate the climate of Lemko homesteads.

All the dishes in our cuisine are prepared with the best products from the Malopolska region, as well as from our Inn "Gościnna Chata" in Wysowa Zdroj in the Lower Beskid (e.g. sauerkraut, cold cuts, pickles, cheese, sour cream, etc.).

Our history

Get to know us better...

1. Pension Ramis
Our company was established in 1992 in Wysowa Zdroj in Low Beskid Niski. This is a typical family business, run by two generations. The work began with the construction and subsequent commissioning of the Pension Ramis and restaurant at the same location.
2. Regional Inn
The next step in 2001 was the restoration of a 1912 cottage and its transformation into a regional inn, called Gościnna Chata.
3. Hotel
In 2011 we extended the Inn, where we opened a hotel with rooms for training, conferences and wedding receptions.
4. Stable "Jaśminowy Raj"
In 2011, with a passion and love for horses, was established the stable "Jaśminowy Raj" ( “Jasmine Paradise”) A place where one can joyously spend time roaming around the picturesque parts of the Beskid Niski
5. Inn in Krakow
In 2013, to meet the expectations of our guests, we decided to open a branch of the Gościnna Chata in Cracow.
6. Inn in Linz (Austria)
After numerous successes in Poland, we decided to transfer our experiences and tastes to the Austrian market, opening in March 2016 as the first Polish restaurant in Linz.